The Story

Trouble always seems to find its way to the Mushroom Kingdom! Just as Mario and Luigi go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach is kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along the way.


Mario's latest adventure is chock full of all the classic side-scrolling gameplay you've come to know and love, easy to jump into for any type of gamer. But what really makes it the gold standard in platforming fun is the true WEALTH of brand new features and gameplay elements.

  • It's a Mad Dash for Coins!

    The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is bursting at the seams with an endless flow of gold coins for you to collect. You'll explore levels filled with gold pipes leading to coin-filled caverns, gold enemies leaving behind trails of coins, and new power-ups and items that will push your coin count into the stratosphere. Can you collect a million coins?

  • Shiny NEW Power-Ups & Items

    The Mushroom Kingdom is shimmering with all kinds of new items that will boost your coin-earning power—alongside some returning favorites. SEE THE POWER-UPS

  • NEW & Returning Baddies

    Alongside the return of gaming's most famous heroes come some new foes along side some returning ones, and a mischievous gang of sly siblings that might be just a bit familiar... MEET THE CHARACTERS

  • NEW Ways to Play Together

    Whether you're in a friendly or competitive mood, enjoy a romp through New Super Mario Bros. 2 with friends in a variety of fun modes—including Coin Rush mode, two-player co-op, and more. GET MORE DETAILS

Mario's Moves

Even if you haven't played a Mario game in years, you'll be able to pick up and enjoy New Super Mario Bros. 2 in no time. Get to know these basic moves, and you'll be a platforming pro.